Go The Extra Mile With Your Errand Business

Here’s something for you to consider about your errand business. What do you think it meant by going the extra mile? When you are delivering packages for customers you may think of one thing but going the extra mile is simply doing something special. There are many ways to do something special for your customers […]

5 Free Ways To Build Your Errand Business

Now that you are well into running your errand business, how do you see yourself expanding and growing? You would have put together some kind of business plan which would have given you the general foundation to build upon but, how will you accomplish this? I have a total of five suggestions that will help […]

Senior Errand Service Rates

Let’s assume you have chosen to establish an errand service. It sounds like a lot of fun, really. Imagine all the interesting people you will meet while you are taking care of various chores and services. It sounds like it could be something where most of the enjoyment will come from the daily interaction with […]

The “Gig Economy” – A New Way To Make Money With With Your Senior Errand Service

Not long ago, musicians were the only people who worked a “gig.” Today, there are millions of Americans working gigs instead of having a full-time job. It started with online marketplaces like Elance and Odesk, where workers could choose short-term work projects that matched their skills. Then along came Etsy, where millions of “makers” create […]

3 Reasons Your Senior Errand Service Needs a Web Site

  In today’s connected world, a web site is an essential marketing tool for any business and even more so for a senior errand service. Whether you offer senior errands, grocery shopping services or a pet taxi service for seniors, a simple web site can help you find new customers and keep in touch with […]

Seniors + Pets = Profits

  Kim Holmer had an “Aha” moment when her dog broke a leg two years ago. A few weeks later, after many trips to the vet, she realized that others often find themselves in the same situation, but with no time to drive their pets to appointments, especially as most are during the work day. […]

Senior Ride Service Helps Non-Driving Seniors Get Around

  Over 20% of Americans over 65 don’t drive, according to a recent AARP survey. Many live in areas where public transportation is poor or not available, leaving few mobility choices for those non-drivers. Seniors typically outlive their driving days by 7-10 years, yet still need to visit their doctor, a dentist or enjoy a […]

How to Get Your First Client For a Senior Errand Service

  With almost 40 million seniors aged 65 and older in America, the market for senior service businesses is booming. One of the fastest growing is helping homebound seniors with their everyday errands and grocery shopping service. It’s a great way for anyone who loves helping people to make a full or part-time income without […]

How to Start a Grocery Shopping Service for Seniors

  With 40 million seniors now over 65 and growing by 10,000 per day, the need for senior service businesses is growing rapidly. One of the most popular senior services is a grocery shopping service. Many seniors are homebound due to health or medical conditions or unable to drive. They need help with everyday errands, […]

How to Start an Errand Running Business for Seniors

With 40 million Americans over age 65 and 6 million over 85, the senior service business has become a cottage industry, requiring everyone from home health care workers to gardeners to fall prevention specialists. One of the fastest growing senior service businesses is running errands for those in their golden years. As seniors age, they […]