Tips On Picking A Name For Your Errand Business

Tips On Picking A Name For Your Errand BusinessHere’s a question for you. What are you going to call your errand business? This is something you should not take lightly as the name you give your business is going to stick around for a long time. Because of that, you have to have considerations that make it the kind of name that stands the test of time and serves you as much as it serves your customers. Here are some tips to help you with this very important piece of business:

1 – What You Do

In order to quickly and easily explain to others what you do for a living, your business name should say exactly what kind of business you are operating. So, if you are running a senior errand service, that needs to appear in your business name. While that may sound elementary to some, not everyone is going to know what your business is about if you use a name that does not tell them. You have to keep this in mind as you will always be in contact with potential new customers.

2 – Does It Sound Right?

One huge mistake new business owners often make is naming their business with something that is not all that relevant to what they are trying to say. In other words, if your business is a senior errand service, there are ways to say this with different words. However, what you want to achieve is that someone hearing or seeing the name Jimbo’s Fast Runs For Seniors will understand it as an errand service. This name probably doesn’t get that message across very clearly.

3 – The Internet Test

Even if you are not thinking about it now, at one point in your business life you will want a website to reach more customers and help promote your business. When you do explore the world-wide web for a website you will want to ensure that the name you give your business translates well to the internet. An example of a business name that fails this test would be Don’t make me explain why.

4 – Where Are You, Again?

Even if the name of your city is something long like Whooping Crane Junction, it doesn’t hurt one bit to somehow fit the name of your community or the region you intend to service with your senior errand service in the name you give your business. The main reason why this is helpful is that it tells potential customers instantly that you are a local and that you are available in the community your business is being promoted in. Seniors tend to lean towards supporting local businesses for the personalized service so this will bring you some subliminal promotion.

5 – Don’t Go There

Trends and fads are fun, short-lived and replaced most often by new ones. This is why you have to avoid the temptation to use words, terms or vocabulary that comes across as trendy or part of a fad. As much as it may be fitting at the time you incorporate them, once those fads fade your business name will not and as a result it will appear dated. Stay away from this at all costs unless you are prepared to spend a bundle changing your business name and everything that contains the trendy name that now needs to be updated.

There is really no reason to create a complicated, hard to understand or spell name for your senior errand business. Especially if you want your elderly customers to remember who you are so they can use your service again. By keeping it simple, you will see much success with a business name that is easy to remember which also makes it easy to share with others who may become new customers.