Blueprint For a Successful Senior Errand Service

senior errand service owner

Shopping for Homebound Seniors

You’re excited to get your senior errand service up and running. You have a love for helping others and a compassion for people. You especially love helping out senior citizens, who as they get older often find it difficult to complete errands. That’s where an errand runner comes in, and that’s why you’d like to become one. So what are the things that could make your business a success?

First, pick a good name for your business. Inserting your own name or the name of your town or city can be very effective. It can make it sound personal, and you’ll be more likely to get more calls. Be sure your business name isn’t already being used by someone else.

You should also think about what services you plan to offer. In addition to standard ones, such as stopping at the post office or getting groceries, there are many other errands you might want to consider, such as pet or house sitting, performing house checks while a customer is out of town, transporting senior citizens, computer help, dog walking, and transporting pets to the veterinarian or groomer. Offering a wide variety of services will greatly increase your chance of being the errand runner to call.

It’s also a great idea to put together a list of the services you offer, something you can hand out to prospective customers. Don’t forget to put a section on the sheet where you say, “If you don’t see the service listed that you’d like, feel free to call us to find out if we offer it!” The more flexible and all-encompassing your errand running business seems, the more calls you could get. And who knows, you might discover a new service that is not only fun to do, but can be very profitable as well.

A successful errand service is one that helps others and makes a good profit. Think about your rates and whether they’re competitive or not. Errand runners typically make between $18 and $35 an hour, depending on what part of the country they live in. The national average is currently $25. So when formulating your prices, think of what can give you the most profit and the most business. Prices too high could scare people away, while prices too low could hurt your chances at making a nice profit.

And finally, like any service business, errand running is all about personal relationships. Senior citizens want to know they can trust you to deliver exactly what they need, done well and in a timely manner. Not only could you build a good working relationship, you could even make a new friend. As word of your compassionate business gets around, you’ll see more and more business coming your way.

Starting a successful errand service business shouldn’t be too difficult. You should pick a good name, offer a variety of services and be open to new ones, charge a competitive rate, and work to build good personal relationships. Do these things and your senior errand business will be the talk of the town. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Senior Errand Service.