6 Insider Secrets to Grow Your Senior Errand Service Fast

6 Insider Secrets to Growing Your Senior Errand Service Fast

6 Insider Secrets

You’re excited about your new errand running business. You have a passion to help others. Plus you’re excited about having total control over your schedule. And let’s not forget about the great profit potential! So now you want to know the secrets that could help your business grow fast. Here are six:

1. Have a good name

For most people, their first introduction to your business will be your business’s name. Pick a name that shows the warmth, compassion, and dependability you can deliver. Consider putting your own name or the name of your town or city in your business’s name. Be sure no one else is currently using your name and that the name hasn’t been trademarked.

2. Offer several services

Offering a wide array of services will only increase your chance of getting work. If people see you offer a large selection of services, they’ll know you’re their one stop for all their errand running needs. On your information sheet, mention all the services you offer and also say, “If you don’t see the service you’d like, just call to find out if we offer it!” Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a brand new errand that is not only fun, but very profitable.

3. Get free publicity

Newspapers love when they can cover uplifting news for a change. Write a press release or make a call to your local newspaper about your exciting new business. They’ll be eager to cover your story. Senior citizens are often avid newspaper readers, so this means great publicity at no cost to you.

4. Offer package deals

Consider offering package deals to your regular customers. That way, ahead of time you know just how much you’ll be booked. You also can get paid up front. Some package deals are by the hours, “10 hours a month,” while some are by the errand, “Each month, two grocery trips, two pharmacy trips, and one trip to the post office.” It’s an easy way to guarantee repeat business.

5. Magnetic signs

Magnetic signs are a great promotional tool. You could get a sign that you place on the side of your car. As you’re driving around town running errands, people will learn about your business. As they see your car more and more, they’ll be sure to remember your name and what you have to offer.

6. House checks

Many senior citizens travel. Some are gone for months in the winter, away to a summery beach home, for example. While they’re gone, offer to perform house checks, which involve checking the condition of the property, and giving it a lived-in look. Visit once a week and charge $20 a visit. It’s an easy and fun way to make some nice money.

Master these secrets and you could be on your way to the top of the errand running world. It’s a career where you not only can make good money, but can help others too. With a little hard work, you could see your business grow fast. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Senior Errand Service.